The Great Race

The Great Race is a timed, speed controlled, precise navigation, endurance rally for vintage cars. In June 2017,  Habitat joineed forces with local Nevada County veteran racers, Bill and Carolyn Croker driving their 1936 Packard pictured above.

For 2018 Great Race information contact Lorraine Larson by phone 530-274-1951 or email:

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Not Driving in the Great Race? 

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Bill and Carolyn Croker

Bill and Carolyn Croker

What is an ACE?

ACES are very desirable and very difficult to achieve. A typical race has 50 driving segments and each is timed. A perfect score on a segment is awarded an ACE. No maps, GPS, or odometers. Teams are allowed to only use cryptic route instructions, a special speedometer, and a stop watch. Our team has typically achieved 4 to 6 ACES in past races. Please pledge an amount per ACE. You can put a cap on your total donation - or just let it “ride” and see how many ACES the team attains.

Make a Pledge per ACE !

Those who pledge become part of our race team! You will receive daily updates from the road including team progress, stories, photos and total funds raised from ACES achieved along the way. After the race is completed, we will report on total ACES won, your pledge amount, and the grand total of funds raised.